Santa dad visits The Christmas Shoppe 

During our celebration of Christmas in July this year we visited Helen, Georgia for a little family fun.  This little Bavarian village nestled in the north Georgia mountains is renowned for their Oktoberfest celebrations in the fall, but they do a fantastic job when it comes to celebrating Christmas as well.  While we were there we visited a wonderful little place located right on Main street that offers a just a little Christmas all year ’round, The Christmas Shoppe. 

hi, santa …. dad!

With this giant Santa welcoming visitors, of course the Santa Dad had to stop for a quick picture.

Once inside, there was a lot to take in:  gorgeous ornaments for the tree, Christmas home decor, and much, much more.

santa cam

Here’s just a sneak peek at some of what The Christmas Shoppe has to offer visitors.

The collection of Christmas goodies on offer was wonderful, but the conversation was even better.  Helen is one of the communities in Georgia that really does Christmas right and if you love Christmas and Christmas decorations like we do, this quaint mountain village is a must-visit destination.  While you’re there make sure to visit The Christmas Shoppe and see what treasures of the season you can find.  Check out the wonderful ornaments we found while we were there including a hand painted miniature clay pot ornament crafted by a local artisan, and a Santa that just may remind you of someone.

Keep ChristmasChristmas treewell all year ‘round, friends!

Santa Dad

letters from santa


Just before sunset on the winter solstice, Riley, Kinsley, and went spreading Christmas cheer, caroling and gifting through our neighborhood. The girls would knock on the doors and greet everyone with a big “Merry Christmas!” Kinsley would hand each neighbor a holiday greeting card and then Riley would hand them a small box of treats, most of which we made together here at home. 


Finally, we would all sing “Deck The Halls” before the girls were waving and offering another round of hearty wishes of “Merry Christmas!” and “Happy Holidays!” as we moved on to the next home.  We saw lots of smiles and happy faces, holiday wishes, and even got one “Keep spreading the cheer, girls!”


What a wonderful outing making special Christmas memories.  Seeing our neighbors faces lit up with smiles warmed the cockles of our hearts.  Knowing they were responsible for all those smiles and warm feelings brought the girls SO much joy.


If that’s not what Christmas is about, well I don’t know what is.


Keep ChristmasChristmas treewell all year ‘round, friends!

Santa Dad